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Released in arcades in 1987, Taito’s Rastan was one of the best fantasy action-platformers of its time. Now, after eight months down in the basement, the Amiga version of Rastan emerges. This is a demo of the first level, featuring remastered sprites and brand new, reimagined backgrounds, all running on a stock Amiga 500 with 512kb extra ram!

No ETA on the finished game yet, but development is going full steam. More news soon-ish!

Minimum Requirements

Amiga 500 with 1 MB ram


  • Remastered & new graphics: basementApe
  • Music: JMD, basementApe & Tsak
  • Audio:  Tsak & basementApe

Special Thanks

  • Earok for the amazing Scorpion Engine
  • The Scorpion Engine community
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Rastan_0.32.adf 880 kB
rastan_0.32.lha 581 kB
Rastan_0.31.adf (older version) 880 kB
rastan_0.31.lha (older version) 588 kB
Rastan_0.30.adf (older version) 880 kB
Rastan_0.20.adf (older version) 880 kB

Development log


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This is the project the most I am looking forward.

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i just checked it, id like to ask the same question ... gothic vania has the guy losing his scalp when he jumps, knight has a sawtooth floating jumper and everything seems to be in development but you can pay for it so *bump* - this actually looks "slightly not meh" while i dare say aforementioned still look like "a bit rubbish" im not an Amiga cultist but definitely always looking for great neo-retro games ...


This is wonderful work. Please complete the project.


are you still working on it?


Looks insane!


when is it coming out?

Great stuff! I can't wait to play the full game!

Congratulations on creating this highly playable and fun version of Rastan for Amiga!!! Keep up the good work!!!

I would like to report just a minor issue when jumping on ropes in v0.32, if you keep holding direction up while jumping on the rope, the character keeps sliding down the rope.. and even after you release holding any direction, the character keeps sliding down..  

another graphic glitch happens on the rope if pushing left right fast his pants and legs face left right but not his torso :D

Hi there! Congratulations on winning Second Place in AmiGameJam! I was wondering if you could contact me at arcadecammy @ gmail.com please? It’s just about the prizes, I don’t seem to be able to message you directly here. Thank you!

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Background graphics are very good. Game doesn't feel incomplete at all for not having parallax. I love it ( even though I have to load it up in A1200 mode , when I want it for A500 )


Hi, would love to cover this in our magazine ZZAP! AMIGA. Possible to drop me a mail? jazzcat64@gmail.com


It looks great. Good job.


Looking good!


I love this game. One of my main arcade games back in the day. I own an original JAMMA arcade board.

So looking forward to the complete game.


Great! Demo 0.32


Very nice and promising arcade conversion. Our German-language preview can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:10:15. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Nice, with v0.31 it doesn't seem to randomly hang up anymore on my stock A500 1mb. Great job!

Thanks :)

o_0 Random hang-ups you say? On alpha 0.20? 0.20 was running dangerously close to the chip RAM limit so that could be it. If not then that sounds like something I should investigate.

I'm a little suspicious that my ram exp might be a bit faulty, so don't you worry


Nice update!

Omg how did you manage to find all those bugs haha

Looks like there may be another bugfix update for the demo after all xD

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Alpha 0.30 is out now!! New download above!

Changes from alpha 0.20 include:

- Overhauled and improved level 1-A music and sfx by Tsak!

- Major visual upgrades to level 1-A.

- Minor upgrades to level 1-B.

- Fixes most known bugs:

 * Fixed broken enemy projectile collisions.

 * Downward plunge attacks no longer glitch out.

 * Broken spine syndrome when turning around mid-attack fixed.

 * Same fix applied for respawning after death.

 * Fixed rope climb animation that wouldn't play sometimes.

- Gameplay enhancements:

 * Flamesword projectile collisions tweaked to be more effective.

 * Made collision boxes for downward plunge attacks bigger.

 * Widened rope collision boxes to make them easier to grab onto.


Thanks again everybody! I'm blown away by all the positive response, wow! 


Simply whow! Thanks


The Demo is amazing!  Works on my NTSC A500 just fine.

Nice! I don't have an actual Amiga to test on so it's good to hear it runs as expected on the real thing :)

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As much as I would've loved to see a 512k version, 1mb is still super freaking impressive, especially with this level of artistic and gameplay polish.

Whoah! Such visual splendor, and it runs on a stock Amiga 500! Absolutely phenomenal job!


The luminary known as The Bard (famous for the "Why HeroQuest is so Great" video) streams twice a week on Twitch and is known throughout the lands to "power up" at the start of many a stream by playing a round of Rastan.   As he is also a fan of the Amiga, I rushed to tell him of your port as soon as I myself learned of it!   Indeed, he was interested in such a endeavor and he played your demo for the very first time last Wednesday! The first half hour of the stream is where you can rewatch that event.

Many of the regulars in the chat are very well familiar with Rastan thanks to the Bard's work and it was fun to see their reactions to this Amiga port also.  I know that many of us in Bard's community will greatly await the day your port is finished, for it no doubt shall be a true version of Rastan!


Very cool to see! As many have said, this actually improves on the original with sprites that are wonderfully drawn and feel very true to the arcade whilst being given a modern makeover. Well done treading that line so well! 

One thing - and this is just me being curious and in no way critical - in AGA versions do you think the parallax backgrounds from the arcade might be possible to achieve? 

Really great work, excited to see updates as you work on them! 


this looks fab!

Thanks everybody, I'm glad you enjoy it :))

Is there a WHDLOAD version of the demo, or how can I start this on  an Amiga 4000 with Amiga OS 3.2.2 without disk or Gotek? Thx

There's a bit of a problem with HD loading atm, but I'll upload a HD version as well when it's all sorted out.


Thank you so much!


Nice lesson to people who said that Amiga couldn't do arcade/console perfect conversions.


Pixel art is outstanding!




Great game!